The Adictos Congress has become a platform for Latin America, for trends, for creativity, for networking, for inspiring and for showcasing talent. Like fashion, with the latest trends in communication and creativity, we wanted this year's congress to be like that.

Adictos Collection 23 
Congreso Adictos
Language: English - Spanish

The pills and tablets were the object that represented the congress. In this way, the shapes of these objects were my inspiration for the creation of the collection.

A spring to collect
(Bag, hat, ring, bracelet) 

For this artwork I was inspired by the colors of spring, alluding to the new beginning and what is to come.

A summer to collect
(T-Shirt, String)

For this artwork I was inspired by summer colors that bring joy, enthusiasm, desire to discover and explore.

A autumn to collect
(glasses, pants, vintage t-shirt, belt)

My color palette is defined between the concepts of stopping, waiting, and moving forward.

Berlin, Germany.