There are many religions in the world and each of them has a secret book.

We find that all of those books have one thing in common: They have verses that teach you how to defeat the Diablo.
Moves of Faith
Diablo IV - Blizzard Entertaiment
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The first sacred book for gamers to defeat the Diablo.

Video Case

That's why, for the launch of Diablo IV, we collect and analyze the data from thousands of verses in centuries of religion,
decoding them into 666 moves to defeat him in the game.


We had to read and search for as many verses as possible about how to overcome the devil in the bible and in all the other holy books that exist in the world in order to do so.

666 moves

''And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.''

Matthew 6:13

Deliver us
from evil.

Berlin, Germany.