Imagine giving Ecuador's top football gamer the chance to apply his gaming strategies to a real soccer team.

In 2023, Sporting Club Emelec faced relegation. Their sponsor, Xtrim, enlisted top E-LigaPro player Sebastián Esparza to simulate upcoming matches in FIFA (now FC).

Ultimate Coach
Xtrim - FC24 - S.C. Emelec
Language: English - Spanish

The gamer who changed a 1st division
team’s season

Video Case

Sebastián plays over 530 games in FC24, facing off against every one of Emelec's rivals before each match.

Esparza’s data

He meticulously analyzes data to co-create new strategies with Emelec’s coaches.

He experiments with new lineups and substitutes, examines player statistics, and identifies the skills necessary to transfer virtual game encounters to the real field, without sacrificing the teams performance.

As a result, Sebastián was hired as an integral part of the team for the rest of the 2024 season, thus marking a milestone in the club's history as the first gamer to achieve this.

“A first division team trusting its future to an internet brand.”

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Berlin, Germany.