Spotify is flooded with more than 300,000 audiobook titles. Yet, GZ listeners prefer to play their favorite artists on repeat. 
How can we captive them to listen to more audiobooks?
Writers (ft. Artists) 
Language: English

Artists have always collaborated with other artists to promote their music. For the first time, we're flipping the script, by making writers collaborate with artists to promote their audiobooks in the language that GZ listeners enjoy the most. 


Proving audio's potential
is limitless through collaboration  

Collaboration with Writers

We'll take pieces narrated by their authors and together with a team of sound engineers we'll turn them into samples that will be set to music with artists rhythms. 

Collaboration with Artists

This way, Spotify's audiobook library will now feature exclusive new and unique genres, such as fiction house, mystery trap and drama pop, available everywhere for GZ listeners.

Berlin, Germany.